The Magic Vizsla Blanket

We have two Vizslas. They’re beautiful, cuddly, sweet, simple dogs that come from Hungary. Well, our dogs came from Missouri and San Diego, but their not-distant ancestors were Hungarian.

I point out their ancestry only because it’s ridiculous how cold these dogs are. They have short coats with no undercoats, and are pretty skinny dogs, so they get cold easily. How the Vizsla survived for a thousand years in Hungary is a mystery I’ll never know the answer to.

Upon acquiring our first Vizsla, I read on the Internets that, if allowed, many Vizslas love to jump up onto the bed and dive under the covers.  Sure enough, after a long night of listening to Bacchus cry in his crate, we let him into the bed and he wriggled right under, all the way down to our feet.  Jax does this as well.  During the day, if we can’t find the dogs, we look under the covers on our bed and generally find them dozing away. They sleep with Christopher most of the time now, and I sort of miss having Vizsla foot warmers in my bed.

As they’ve gotten older – they’re 8 and 10 now – they’ve gotten even colder. At the lakehouse a few weeks ago, they didn’t stop shivering until we lit a fire in the fireplace. So, I decided to do something I swore I’d never do: buy my dogs some warm clothing. I bought two black fleece “coats” (basically blankets with head & foreleg holes), which we put on them for the first time Sunday evening:


After a minute or two of fidgeting with them, the dogs shrugged and gave in to the warm embrace of the fleece. And then, something amazing happened: both dogs fell asleep while standing up.

As we ate dinner, the dogs stood next to us, hoping for a tidbit to fall. I looked over and saw that both dogs’ eyes were half-lidded. A moment later, Jax actually started leaning, and would have fallen down if he hadn’t leaned into the wall and woken up with a start. I burst out laughing, and after the startle of my laugh wore off, they started falling asleep again. The three of us were ROLLING and almost crying from laughing so hard.

I couldn’t catch the actual lean-and-fall, but here’s an idea of how sleepy Jax looked in his coat:

We decided that the silly dogs must have thought they were under the covers because of their warm coats, and just dozed off. Pavlov’s dogs have nothing on ours!

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