The Precious

Christopher saved all of his money for 2+ years, and was finally able to buy the object of his desire: the Lego Death Star, a $400 monstrosity of a creation.   We’d honestly thought that by the time he had enough money for it, he’d have lost interest in something Lego, but nope! He remained determined throughout to buy it, and triumphantly announced at the end of May that he had enough money.

Frank asked him, “Are you sure? You’ve almost got enough money for your own iPad!”

But the boy was not to be deterred.  We went online to buy it, after verifying that it wasn’t available locally.  After the purchase, I received an email from Lego saying that the set was back-ordered and wouldn’t be in til the end of June…almost a month later.   I told Christopher, reluctantly, and his response astounded me: “Mom, I’ve waited 2 years. One more month will be easy.” (Holy cow!)

A few days later, I got another email from Lego, apologizing for the inconvenience and saying the set was now not going to ship til September.  As I was mulling how to break the news, I got a *third* email from them – but this was a shipping notice (what the heck?).

So, when we arrived home from our Triple Marathon trip, it was waiting on the front doorstep.

Here’s the overjoyed boy and his Precious:


Here are some interesting facts about the Lego Death Star: the box weighed 21 pounds; the set contains 3,803 pieces; it’s designed for ages 14+ (it’s more a collectors piece for Star Wars nerds than a play set for younger kids); and the instructions consist of a 260-page spiral bound booklet.


C has spent the little time we’ve been home this summer putting the Death Star together, and predicts it’ll take him the rest of the summer.  Here’s the latest stage:


We’re really proud of him for saving all his money for something important to him, and not being distracted by being able to afford smaller things all along – even if we think $400 is a ridiculous amount of money for Legos.

Updated to say: This is what the Death Star will look like when done.

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