Welcome to my Weird, Part Deux

(Disclaimer: If you were born after 1985 this might not make any sense to you since you probably don’t know how to read an analog clock. Heh.)

A conversation I had recently with a good friend revealed that not everyone mentally imagines the calendar year like I do – like a clock. While it’s not shocking to me that I see the world differently than the average person, for some reason I was surprised that it’s not the norm to visualize time this way. So…welcome to my weird!

Here’s a clock:

Now here’s how I imagine the months:

It makes complete sense to me because of the way we number our months. 1 = January, 4 = April, etc.

My first clue that other people don’t see it this way was hearing a person thinking aloud, trying to remember which month was which number, and trying to count on their fingers how many months were in between two other months. That it wasn’t an automatic thing committed to their memory was a pretty big surprise to me.

Something else became clear to me, too, after hearing myself describe August and February as opposite each other (and getting weird looks): I also apparently superimpose the color wheel on my clock. Remember the color wheel from your school’s art class?

Color wheel:

My mental calendar:

I mean, come on – March is totally a green color, right?

So, like complementary colors, months can be each others’ opposites. February is usually our coldest month here in Austin, just as August is our hottest.  December is cool but not always COLD, just as June is usually approaching hot but isn’t roasting us yet.They’re in opposite positions – directly across from each other – on my crazy color wheel clock calendar, so they’re like complementary months. Easy, right?

Who’s with me?


(Thought so)

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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