You’ve been Dickinsoned

There are three of us in this house, and three Kindles. We’ve had them for about two years, and absolutely love them, especially because we travel so often. Our extended family members are also getting aboard the Kindle train as well, which is nice because we’re all on the same account and can share book purchases.

One nice thing about the Kindle is that it uses (mostly) literary figures as screensaver images, and the images have a nice sketched look to them. They’re mostly pleasing to the eye, with one notable exception:


Look how she wants to murder you!

For a while, each of us would groan if we opened our Kindle, flipped the switch, and saw Lizzie Borden Emily looking at us. The groan was pretty universally understood by the nearby Kindle owners, who’d chuckle to themselves at the bad luck of the groaner. Until one night, when one of us (can’t remember who, but truth be told it was probably Frank) opened the Kindle, managed not to react, and then say, “Hey, look at this!” to the person next to us.

And so, The Dickinsoning was born.

Consider yourself Dickinsoned.

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